About us

Jungle Jewels – A sustainable and conscious fashion product

Jungle Jewels driven by beauty of nature, committed to create conscious fashion botanical jewellery
from sustainable sources, hand crafted by skilful women artisans since 2009

Care.. about what people wear - no synthetics, no artificial colours, all natural, all good !

Be fair.. with everyone and everything we deal with –, wages, hygienic working conditions,
transparency, trading practices and not to mentions the pocket friendly price tags.

Keep.. running a one-of-a-kind herbal park in Viduthalaipuram (adjacent to Trichy, Tamilnadu) where
we are attempting to preserve ecology and educate about the need for medicinal plants and eco-
conversation from where we got the inspiration for Jungle Jewels

Jungle Jewels participated in premium fairs, displayed in fortune 500 corporates across the country
and have regular customers in USA, UK, France, Australia, New zealand, UAE, Singapore and

Adorn with Jungle Jewels, Adore Nature !