Terms & condition

1. What are the materials used in Jungle Jewels?
Jungle Jewels is made with natural plant materials like seeds, bark and traditional paddy varieties and each material have a

2. Will it stay for long time?
Yes, this will stay for long time if its stored in dry and airy.

3. What will happen if gets wet?
Wipe with a cotton cloth and keep it dry.

4. Will my Jewellery get affected by pests and insects?
We don’t use any chemicals to treat the seeds and use only natural ways to treat. In rare case it may get pest due to
moisture. Just dust and put in a ziplock bag and keep in the freezer for 2 weeks.

5. I used to get allergic?
The metals used are high quality and non allergic.

6. I have a very different question?
Please feel free to call or write we are here to answer.

7. How long are you doing Jungle Jewels?
Jungle Jewels is started in 2009 and we have very satisfied customers across India and other major countries

Order and Shipping

1. Is my order confirmed?
Once you have placed an order, you will receive an email and an sms on order confirmation. Please contact us through
email on support@junglejewels.in or call+91-93 63 360 360 if you are unsure

2. When will you ship my order?
All orders are normally shipped within 2 business days of placing an order. Final delivery varies on bases of shipping

3. When will my order get delivered?
All orders are shipped with online tracking number.

4. Where do you ship from?
All items are shipped from Trichy, Tamilnadu, India.

5. Are there any delivery charges?
We provide Free Shipping on all National order for purchase of above Rs.300 or it will add Rs.50 per order

6. How can I track my order?
An email is sent to you after the order is shipped. It contains the tracking number and details. You can also track your order
by clicking on the option.